Spares For Corrugated Board & Box making Plant

   Automatic die cutting and creasing with stripping machine

Brief Introduction

RNN-1500QP automatic die-cutting and creasing with stripping machine is suitable for corrugated paper ,it has great advantages to color boxes. unique design of gripper bar, the use of the special treatment of tooth structure makes the gripper distance minimum to save paper and improve the net profit. in the Market , there are a lot of equipment using needle type feed way, in the process paper will be pull badly, the precision of paper can not be ensured .while Our equipment use activity tooth feeding way, way so it has a wider range of application. In the forefront of pasting at least 3-4 mm paperboard, this design makes our equipment is more suitable for processing the color box We use 300-190 type of intermittent mechanism, the intermittent box distance is about 300mm , torque increase 45% than 250 mm, Which making it more suitable for large carton processing. A brief picture like the following picture
The lead edge feeder system and all feeding parts are all controlled by servo system which makes the paper conveyed more accurately. The lead edge feeder system adopts advanced roller design. compare with the stainless steel bedplate, it solves the problem of paper heavily scratched and it makes the paper convey more smoothly.

Spares For Corrugated Board & Box making Plant

Main Specifications

model RNN 1300-QP RNN 1500-QP
max.die-cutting speed 5000sheets/h 5000sheets/h
max.paper size 1300*960mm 1500*1100mm
min.paper size 550*500mm 550*500mm
paper type (cardboard) 120-2000g/㎡ 120-2000g/㎡
                     (corrugated paper) ≤8.5mm ≤8.5mm
max.die-cutting pressure 300N/c㎡ 300N/c㎡
total power 22kw 22kw
total  weight 18t 20t
dimensions 7750*4500*2250mm 8400*4600*2250mm