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Automatic Die Cutting Machine
Machines - Automatic die cutting machine with batch counter ejecter & lead edge feeding

  • RNN-1300-Q automatic die-cutting and creasing with stripping machine is a special equippment applying to corrugated paper,it has great advantages to colored boxes.
  • Firstly,great design of gripper bars adopts processed tabletting agency with baix ensures the great precision of paper
  • Secondly,the machine adopts to process a large of sheet-fed.
  • Thirdly,frontal ,back and side registration mechanism and guide in the side improve the precision of the machine
  • Fourthly, the machine adopts mechanical properties of nodular cast iron castings, high resin sand casting, to ensure the working life of the machine
  • Fifthly, adopting double pitch chain imported from Japan,ensures the machine run smoothly and improves the product precision
  • Sixth,there are 4 suction cups each for lifting paper and 5 other suction cups for moving paper; Height and angle of suction heads are easily adjustable

Main Specification

Die-cutting style concora crush
Max.Paper Size 1300*930mm
Min.Paper Size 550*500 mm
Max.Die-cutting Size 1280*920 mm
Max.Die-cutting Pressure 300N/c㎡
Paper Height 1-8mm of cardboard
Max.Speed 5000 sheets
Max.Delivery Pile Height automatically setting
Main motor Power 11KW
Total Power 22KW
Weight 17.5T
Dimensions 8000*3500*2200mm
function of inserting paper



Automatic Die Cutting Machine
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