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Automatic Thin Knife Slitting and Creasing Machine
Machines - Automatic Thin Knife Slitting and Creasing Machine

The mechanical speed: 200m/min, 250m/min. The effective width of 1400mm-2500mm

The memory of 999 orders, realize non-stop automatic or manual change.

The change quickly, for a single time 3-8 seconds, two machine and can notreduce speed immediately change.

Auto tracking production line speed, ensure that its synchronous, with production management system connection, strong compatibility.

The programmable controller is composed of high-quality imported industrialcomputer and high performance computer, hypogynous machine control system.

The three wire type: convex to concave (three lines), convex to concave (five lines), convex to flat, three wire type electric conversion. Line pressing wheel depth can be controlled automatically by the computer, good shape, easybending.

Using thin tungsten steel alloy knife, blade sharp, useful life of more than 8000000 meters long.

The knife for computer control automatic or manual knife sharpening, edge trimming knife, improve production efficiency.

Using of import synchronous drive device, precision, long service life, low noise operation.

Technical parameters:

Model 200023002500

Maximum width of cut Max slitting width (mm) 160020002200

The minimum width of cut Min slitting width (mm) 140140140

The minimum wire width of Min scoring width (mm) 135135135

Crimping height Scoring height (mm) 0-12 0-12 0-12

Blade specification Blade (mm) φ 200 × 122 × 1.2

Slitting line pressure distribution form of Blade & Scoring Composed Type 5 /6 10Line 8 line cutter knife

Motor power Power (KW) 7.9

Dimensions of Machine dimension (mm) 3300X1200X2000 3500X1200X20003700X1200X2000


Automatic Thin Knife Slitting and Creasing Machine
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