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Automatic Tying Machine
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Automatic Tying Machine
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  • The PE strapping machine is mainly applied to the carton, carton, color box, Hang paper, color printing enterprises.
  • The replaced enterprises handmade binding process. Enable enterprises to reduce


  • The paper, cardboard carton, Kang large objects such as bundling, newspapers, books and other printed matter, Ready-made garments.

Mechanical Parameter
Model RNN-100
The biggest bundle size 1000mm x 800mm
The min bundle size 200mm x 160mm
Desktop depth 360mm
Bundle with depth 1.25second/node
String type pure material 28# end zone
Motor power 370W
Power supply The single/200V
Appearance size 1240x1450x1950mm
Net weight 220kg
Gross weight 270kg



Automatic Tying Machine
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