Hydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll Stand

   DMD-B Stacker (Down-stacker)


  • Lower-stacking, automatic batching favorable for high speed running and transverse transferring.
  • PLC control, synchronizing with the line speed.
  • Non-stop order change with production management system.
  • Automatic backstop adjustment for different sheet lengths.
  • Sheets stacking for different orders without transferring.
  • Mesh belt conveying avoids bottommost sheet damage.


  • DMD-B (I): Simplex, down-stacking
  • DMD-B (II): Duplex, down-stacking for both layers.

Technical Data:

  • Design speed: 250m/min
  • Stacking length: 500-3600mm
  • Stacking height: Simplex: max. 1800mm / Duplex: max. 2200mm (the upper); max. 1800mm (the lower)

Hydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll Stand