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Electric Knife Type Thin Knife Machine
Machines - Electric knife type thin knife machine

Special point:

Using the line before feeding, double glue axle matchmaking, cardboard smooth operation

Using electric adjustment from the knife, pneumatic automatic locking. Improve the degree of automation, the machine is easy to use, accurate adjustment,saving time and labor, reduce the labor intensity.

The cutting part: using high quality tungsten alloy steel blade, blade sharp. The service life is long, cut out of cardboard neat incision, no fracture, no burr.

The indentation part: use five point line, indentation clearance synchronous adjustment. Linear appearance, not the rock burst line, easy to bend.

The sharpening device with automatic and manual two kinds of pneumatic knife,knife edge edge work, improve work efficiency.

The appliance adopting domestic or imported brands of products, reliable performance.


Electric Knife Type Thin Knife Machine
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