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4 Colour Printer Die Cutting Cum Slotting
Machines - Flexo - Chain Feeder 2/3/4 Colour Printer Die Cutting Cum Slotting

Model DOUBLE color printing and die cutting machine technical information

Technical Parameter

Mechanical speed:65pcs/min
Normal work speed:40-50pcs/min
Max feeding size mm:1450×2250
Min feeding size mm:350×350
Max die cutting area:1450×2050


  1. Semi-automatic chain-feeding, each unit electrically separates and combines, pneumatic locking, relax, alarm, lights prompt.
  2. The upper feeding axis ф85mm,outer diameter is 113mm, the down feeding axisф124mm, the surface is plated hard chromium. the feeding gap is adjusted by cross slide 0~ 12mm.
  3. Printing roller: ф451mm , surface is grinded and plated hard chrome, and balanced corrected. Electric phase and Digital control
  4. Printing press roller outer diameter ф124mm, surface is grinded , plated hard chrome,balanced corrected and run steady . printing gap is adjusted by cross slide and range 0 ~ 12mm.
  5. Steel anilox roller outer diameter ф152.5mm, surface is grinded ,press anilox ,, net mesh number is 220 lines / inch,plated hard chrome
  6. Rubber roller outer diameter ф152.5mm, wear-resistant rubber surface.rubber roller is special grinded
  7. pressing line roller ф85mm, hard chrome plating after surface grinding, the upper and lower pressing line roller ф152mm and surface is plated hard chromium. Pressing line wheel is adjusted by cross slide and the range 0 ~ 12mm.
  8. Die cutting unit(slotting)

Die cutting roller outer diameter ф410mm, rubber pad roller outer diameterф388.9mm, hard chrome plating after surface grinding,

Static and dynamic balance correction, good operating stability.

Automatic separate oneself from cutting die device, in order to protect the rubber pad, prolong the service life of rubber pad.

Rubber roller is equipped with a mechanical cam type transverse 58mm floating device, prolong the service life of rubber pad.

Phase adjustment device, can realize the digital electric adjustment of 360 degrees, die-cutting roller transverse moving device, the whole distance is 15mm.

Differential compensating device, that can control the line speed on the surface of the rubber pad roller, (in the using process, rubber pad diameter becomes smaller) compensation device can make line speed of the rubber pad roller completely control by the knife mold ,thus the die-cutting carton, carton box and knife mold shape are identical.

Rubber pad grinding device, that can design a number when work for die cutting, that can start up the rubber roller motor when need grinding pad, (host machine is open) for grinding, can make the rubber pad used repeatedly, improves the pad use rate, reduces the die-cutting pressure and reduces greatly the wear of the other parts and bearings.

Slotting roller is equipped with slotting device, synchronize manually adjust the height of the box, manual move the knife(adjust the length, width of the box). slot Knife width is 7mm, cutting edge width is 50mm, that can save the customer's cost of die plate.

Drive gear adopt 45 # steel, high frequency quenching after tempering that improve the gear Strength and abrasion resistance. gear pump oil lubrication

Harbin bearing, wafangdian bearing, Zhengtai electric


4 Colour Printer Die Cutting Cum Slotting
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