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Flexo Printer Slotter Chain Feeder 4 Colour Printer Slotter
Machines - Flexo Printer Slotter - Chain Feeder 2/3/4 Colour Printer Slotter

Model double color printing, slitting and creasing machine parameter requirement

Technical Parameter

Mechanical speed: 65/65pcs/min
Normal work speed: 40/50/40-50pcs/min
Max feeding size mm:1450×2450
Min feeding size mm: 350×350
Max printing area: 1450×2300


  1. Semi-automatic chain-feeding, each unit electrically separates and combines, pneumatic locking, relax, alarm, lights prompt.
  2. Printing roller: ф480mm (including printing plate), surface is grinded and plated hard chrome, and balanced corrected. Electric phase and automatic counting. Printing precision±0.5mm, printing roller cross moved ±7mm
  3. Printing press roller outer diameter ф124mm, surface is grinded , plated hard chrome,balanced corrected and run steady . printing gap is adjusted by cross slide and range 0 ~ 12mm.
  4. Steel anilox roller outer diameter ф152.5mm, surface is grinded ,press anilox ,, net mesh number is 200, 220 lines / inch,plated hard chrome
  5. Rubber roller outer diameter ф152.5mm, wear-resistant rubber surface.rubber roller is special grinded
  6. Pressing line roller ф85mm, hard chrome plating after surface grinding, the upper and lower pressing line roller ф152mm and surface is plated hard chromium. Three blades 4lines, Pressing line wheel is adjusted by cross slide and the range 0 ~ 12mm. Pre-roll.
  7. Self absorbing ink, the mesh roller provide automatically cycle ink, Surface is not dry when host paused, automatic cleaning , auto-cleaning anilox roller.
  8. Gear pump oil lubrication,Harbin,wafangdian bearing, xianyang cluch, Zhengtai electric equipment


Flexo Printer Slotter Chain Feeder 4 Colour Printer Slotter
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