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Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutting With Stacker
Machines - Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutting With Stacker A

Color Group
Everything can be quipped according to users' needs
Printing Paper
A,B,C A/B, B/C, A/B/C (13mm)
Production Speed
120 (Pieces/min)
Economy speed
80-100 (Pieces/min)
Max.Paper Sizes
1200 x 2100, 2300, 2500, 2700 mm
Min.Paper Sizes
Positive knife 320 X 680mm,
negative knife 320 x 760mm
Max.Printing Sizes
1200 X 1900, 2100, 2300, 2500 mm
Standard Printing Plate Thickness
Max.Paste Edae Width
Slot Width.Max.depth
7mm x 300mm
(Number of blade and sbt depth may be added)
Min.Slot Space
Positive knife160 X 160 X 160 X 160mm
Negative knife 300 X 60 X 300 x 60mm
Printing Roller Dia.
(Plus Pririt.g Plate Thidoess)

Fully Automatic Lead Edge Feeder 4 Colour Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutting With Stacker A

The whole machine function:

  • The phase and box height are controlled by computerized system(CNC) with the characteristics like order storage ,quick order changing and convenient control.
  • Whole adsorption feeding printing slotting and die—cutting machine adopts suction lead edge feeding with roller—type whole ad—sorption, which has high speed and precision.
  • Printing unit is equippedwith vacuum adsorption transmission ,which is stable and accurate .
  • Optional scraping ink system (double blade or rubber roll).
  • Optional single and double sloshing units can meet different needs of selection.
  • Precision linear guide horizontal displacement systems is equippedAith slotting unit.
  • Speed difference compensation system is equipped with Die uni, automatic longitudinal and lateral displacement is equipped with rubber cushion roller .
  • Transmission gears use 40 chrome steel after high—frequency quenching and gear grinding in accordance with national level 6 standard.
  • Connecting collars with no key ensure transmission precision .
  • Electrical component, transmission bearing, pnemmtic control components etc. Are all in accordance with the national standard.

Introduction to Lead Edge Feeder:

  • Lead edge location, adjusting suction with convert.
  • Arraying suction vacuum for pulling roll, so the sectional capacity can be adjusted easily to ensure sheet transfer precise. Transmission by gently pressing wheel on the upper shaft makes different cardboard pass by without adjusting the gap between rollers and guarantees no impress on the cardboard surface.
  • Lefe and right side feeding location register. Precise linear guides set for accurate transfer.
  • Machine unit open/close alarm, pneumatic inter lock, over load protec-tion.
  • Quick change feeding roll device is convenient for maintenance.
  • Dusting system with lifting device to improve remove dust effect.
  • Main control screen is for adjusting all function parameters. Unit panel controls feeding parameters

Introduction to Printing Unit:

  • computerized control, auto-reset, lack ink alarm.
  • Printer roll grinded surface, cover chrome.
  • Arraying suction vacuum for pulling roll, so the sectional capacity can be adjusted easily to ensure sheet transfer precise.
  • Adjustable speed control system makes change order quickly.
  • Doctor blade system is optional. Rubber roll: best inking. Dual docor blades system: perfect spot print.
  • Drying device is optional, it can ensure print quality and raise production efficiency.
  • Circumference fix device, electromagnetic clutch braker.

Introduction to Slotting Unit:

  • Double slotting unit male the adjustment, maintenance and change box height to be easy operation.
  • Computerized control, stored orders for set-up. Motorized contraposition.
  • Entirely transverse left/right moving for slotting knife and alignment function for the whole machine are used on our equipment. Safe displacement for slotting knife with protective de-vice
  • Fine planet-geared circumference setting.
  • Precisely linear guides ensure stability.

Introduction to Die—cutting Unit:

  • The rubber roller is designed as folded rubber cushion, providing convenience and ease for removal, installation and replacement.
  • The rubber roller can move axially 50mm leftward and rightward, controlled by an automatic control system To ensure a steady and reliable movement.
  • A frequency converter is adopted at the phase position of the die cutter unit, The touch screen and the electric-digital device proide 360 degree adjustment. Order forms can be stored in the system.
  • A pneumatical system is used to control the spacing between the die roller and the rubber roller.
  • A speed difference offsetting device is adopted that can automatically adjust the rotation speed of the rubber roller so that the die-cutting carton has exactly the same shape as the die shape.
  • The cores of the rubber roller and the die roller are made from quality steel and are hard-chrome plated and finely polished. The track path is balanced and calibrated to enhance the stability of movement.


Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutting With Stacker
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