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Machines - Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutting With Stacker Economical

Lead Edge Feeder 4 Colour Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutting With Stacker (economical Model)

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Prices: The above quoted prices are ex-our works CHINA for the material unpacked & will attract all the Central & State Government levies which may or become applicable at the time of Delivery/ dispatch. Excise is included in above mention price
  2. Payment: 45% required along with the order,25% on intimation of delivery from china  and balance payment to be paid before getting delivery from port . Against Delivery shall be payable along with CST form “C” / Declaration St.XXII at our Works before the machine is dispatched to the desire destination.
  3. Advance: Advance neither refundable nor adjustable against any of our products.
  4. Guarantee: 1 year service guarantee against manufacturing and defects in the machine only. Not for electrical / electronic items.
  5. Delivery: 60-90days approx. after confirmation of your order along with advance.
  6. Installation : free , spares for 1 year free
  7. Note – If the prices of raw material are increased exorbitantly or there is exorbitant price increase in the dollar rupee, the proportionate difference will be to your account.


  • Model:RNNφ395×2500
  • Max. feeding size of corrugation paperboard: 1200×2600(mm)
  • Min. feeding size of corrugation paperboard:300×680(mm)
  • Max. printing area:1200×2500(mm)
  • mechanical speed: 120pcs/min or160 pcs/min
  • eeding roller outer diameter:up rollerφ128.4mm, bottom rollerφ163mm
  • uter diameter of embossing roller:φ163mm
  • etal anilox roller:φ198mm
  • ubber ink roller:φ193mm
  • lead-edge feeding unit

A lead-edge feeding device, feeding fast and accurate. Three rows wheels.
B Lead edge feeding is putting cardboard width ‘s front side as locating datum, that doesn’t be affected by the cardboard cutting width error, conform to the printer, slotter, die cutter’s locating datum requirement. Electric adjust retaining box position.
C High ability to deal with the cardboard bend
D High ability to deal with thin cardboard conveying,( E and B flute cardboard can feed smoothly.)E Blowing rate of inlet scoop is controlled by frequency converter, according the cardboard size, bend degree to adjust blowing rate, adjust conveniently, fast. The winder is 11kw.
Fake, clean-dust.

  • machine separate

A button switch electric control lonely machine separation and combination, and with an automatic alarm device, in the moving process, that continued ringing warning, to ensure the safety of the people.
B Pneumatic interlocking device, firm locking, convenient and accurate.

  • feeding roller

A Feeding up roller use single inserting groove rubber , to make balance rectifying, ensure feeding smooth and steady, good precision.
B Feeding down roller use embossing steel roller, hard-chrome plating, wear-resisting, movement balance adjustment.
C Up and down feeding roller use cross-shaped driving micro adjusting device, spanner adjusting, dial showing, adjusting convenient, self-locking..

  • utomatic reset, return-zero device
  • The whole machine returns zero ,push the zero switch, convenient for change-order operation, short the change- order time, reduce waste of cardboard
  • Phase fixed system

A eumatic brake device.
B Every unit of the whole machine separating, original. meshing point of transmission gear unchanged

Printing Unit

  • printing roller

A Printing roller use high quality steel, surface grinding, hard-chrome plating, axial  has central datum line , cycle direction has  sticker version datum line.
B Dynamic balance adjustment, stable operation
C Ratchet fixed volume edition axis with hanging-plate gutter, that can fit fast changing plate.
D High precision planetary phase adjusting mechanism, dynamic, static(moving and stopping) can both make 360 degree positive and negative adjustment.
E Printing roller axle direction adjusting device, Max. movement is ±7mm

  • embossing roller

A Embossing roller adopts high quality seamless steel tube processing,dynamic balance correction,  stable operation ,surface grinding, with hard chrome plating.
B Embossing roller use cross-shaped driving micro adjusting device, spanner adjusting, dial showing, adjusting convenient, self-locking..

  • metal anilox roller

A Haili anilox roller(number180-300 )
B Pneumatic  anilox roller automatic lifting device and idle equipment, when feeding paper, anilox roller fall down and touch with the printing plate , and when stop feeding paper, anilox roller automatic rising and separate from the printing plate, in order to protect the plate, prevent the ink dry.
C High quality seamless steel pipe processing,dynamic balance correction. Surface grinding, hard chrome,custom made the net shape.

  • rubber roller

A High quality seamless steel pipe processing,dynamic balance correction
B Steel tube surface has high quality wear-resistant rubber, long using life.
C High grinding surface. that suitable net point high precision and large area printing.
D Micromatic setting, that ensure ink equably.

  • ink -supply system

A Automatic diaphragm pump, operate easily, repair conveniently, ink supplying stably.
B Automatic cycling cleaning., automatic ink supplying.

  • phase adjustment structure

A Inner planet gear, feature: touch area is large, big transfer torsion, low noise
B electric adjust printing plate 360degree position(at any run or stop process)

  • phase fixed system

A Pneumatic brake device
B when machine separating, original mesh point of transmitting gear will not change.

Die cutting(slotting)unit

  • Die cutting roller, rubber pad roller both are poured cement, surface grinding and hard chrome.
  • Static and dynamic balance correction, good operating stability.
  • Automatically separate from the cutting die device, in order to protect the rubber pad, prolong the service life of rubber pad.
  • Rubber pad roller is equipped with a mechanical cam type transverse 58mm floating device, prolong the service life of rubber pad.
  • Phase adjust device, it can realize the digital electric adjustment of 360 degrees, running, when stop can be adjusted accurately ). Roller with transverse moving device, adjusting the distance is 15m.

    Speed difference compensating device, can control the line speed on the surface of the rubber pad roller (because in the using process ,the outer diameter of pad continuous become small) compensation device can make line speed of rubber pad roller completely control by the knife mold ,thus the die-cutting carton, carton and knife mold shape are identical.

    Rubber pad grinding device, when in the process of the production of the die-cutting can make certain number, that needs to initiate rubber roller motor when grinding pad can, (the main machine also open) for grinding, can make the rubber pad used repeatedly, improves the pad using rate, reduces the die-cutting pressure, reduces
    greatly the wear of machine the other parts and bearings.

    Slotting device with a die cutting device,  synchronize manually adjust the box height, manually shift (box length, width). slotting Knife width is 7mm, edge cutting width is 50mm.


Auto Stacker

  • Paper-receiving arm can be operated by hand ,the receiving paper height can be choosed freely。
  • Paper-receiving arm belt can adjust the tension and loosen lonely.
  • Receiving paper platform rise and fall are driven by the powerful chain
  • Receiving paper platform is automatically adjust the inclination according to the cardboard rising, the rising motor with electrical braking function, so the platform can keep the fixed position.
  • Paper plate with pneumatic action, when the cardboard get the predetermined height, it can hold out automatically.
  • the cardboard piling height is 1600mm
  •  transfer belt driven motor 2.2kw(adjust the speed and control) 1set
  •  elevator motor3kw×1 set
  • Receiving paper arm cylinderф80×300(with three five way electromagnetic valve
  • The system is 5.5 meters , that has the receiving paper part, transmission part, collecting paper, connected with friction belt to transfer the cardboard, paper receiving part is the cylinder lifting, fasten the belt wheel lonely.

Parts Brand



1main electricals

International brand such as Simenz, Omron, etc




China Haerbin, wafangdian, Japan NSK

4、main motor

Hebei Mengniu or Qufu Jinsheng

5、mall motor, gear motor

Hebei Mengniu or Qufu Jinsheng

6、ension connecting sleeve

Shanxi Xianyang


Shanxi Xianyang

8、Diaphragm pump

Hubei Wuhan

9、pneumatic component

Zhengjiang Ningbo

10、ransmission screw rod

Shandong Jining Bote

11、ubber roller

Hebei Jinghui

12、anilox roller

Jiangsu Haili

13、touch screen


14、frequency converter

Dalian PuChuan



16、lotting knife


17、ie cutting pad

Taiwan chaonai


  1. Price is ex factory china in usd/inr
  2. Delivery 3 month from the date of your total @ 45% advance received in our bank.
  3. Payment advance @ 45 % (not in part payment) & balance before delivery.
  4. Shipping cost from china factory to indian port at actual and from port to your factory extra.
  5. If dollar is increase due to any reason then difference has to pay by buyer and if decrease no refunbale will be given back to buyer.
  6. Warantee for one year except all electricals, rubber, plastic and consumable part of machine. During warantee period any demage, unoperation way of machine, wire breakage due to any reason will not consider in warantee so customer has to pay charges for it for fitting,wire and engineer all expenses like air ticket to and fro,hotel with 3 time food,air port pick up and drop. Per day charges usd 250-00 per person will be charge.

    During installation buyer has to arrange airport pick up and drop, hotel with 3 time food and communication facilities like local sim card to speak with us during instalatlion. Our engineer will work for 8 hr per day. Tea or coffice has to serve to our engineer during stay in your factory during time of installation. Installation charges per day usd 250-00 per person for 8 hrs only. Delay in insatallation due to lack of equipment, short of labor etc no discount will be considered in charges. And has to bear engineer charges according to usd 250-00 per day/per 8 hrs.charges will start from the date of departure from china and date of departure from india.

    All the equipment keeps ready like shipping of machine to its place and according to list will be given to you by email for installation that equipment must be keep ready before arrival of engineer to your place. If any short of equipment at your side during time of if you call our engineer to your place charges will be charges no consideration will be given to buyer. Our engineer is only responsible for installation and trial run of machine and training of machine no other extra work will not be consider which is out of machine.

    Local unloading on your base and during unloading time any demage cause will has to bear by buyer so seller is not responsible for unloading during when container reach to your factory.

    We resereve right to change specification, color, pattern, look of machine without any prior notice and above photo for reference only due to continues innovation.

    Cst @ 5 % extra,import duty,local unloading at port,stamp duty,custom charges would be extra at actual during time when cargo arrives to port and will be informed to you.

    Air compressor,air pipe,local wiring upto machine,ink,board,labors and other equipment during installation like bolt,nut,cement sand,welding machine,drilling machine,rcc drill has to all arrnage by buyer before arrival of our engineer for installation or list of equipment or part will be offer by email to buyer.

    • Force to mejure condition during this part of contract any natural & artifical calamites, postal delay in document, courier delay of document from china or delhi
    • Delay in custom, delay in transportation from china to india etc will not held responsible either buyer or seller which is out of our control.
    • Advance non refundable, non adjustable and non transferable at any circumtances.
    • Transist time extra at actual that is not in our control. Different shipping companies have different rules and regulation on internation level.
    • Insurance cost extra which only cover from port to port as per incotern condition.
      All disputes subject to faridabad jurisdiction only.
Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutting
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