Semi Automatic Folder Gluer

    Folder Gluer & Counter Ejector(Optional part)

Folder Gluer Device

  • In-line control of printing unit, touch screen panel.
  • This machine adopts bottom folding system in-line with top printer to prevent adhesion rebound.
  • Servo control of roller gluing system, electrical spraying system is optional.
  • Air suction control of upper folding belts, right/left belts can be adjusted freely.
  • Position setting digitally control, and can be operated in each printing unit.

Semi Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

Counter Ejector Device

  • There is a space for temporary storage and flap after folding and gluing to ensure cartons well-glued and fixed.
  • Vacuum adsorption for paper-out, quick set, precise counting.
  • Stacking unit designed with elevation structure to protect carton damage, quantity pre-set, neat stacking, auto ejecting, bundling unit is optional.
  • Position setting is digitally control.
  • Accurate counting/auto stacking/auto ejecting and can be easy match with bundling unit (Bundling unit - Optional).

Processing technique and Tolerance

  • Transmission gear, planetary gear, Registering gear, Axle sleeve gear are made from 20GrMnTi. Teeth carburized and quenched, the hardness is HRC58-61. Precisely ground and more stable running. ( Ground By Germany High-Precise gear grinding machine. The precision grade up to 6.5
  • Machine frame is made of quality steel, which processed by CNC machine center. The tolerance of center distance and perpendicularity are or less then 0.03mm.
  • All transmission shafts are precisely hardening and tempering. Chrome plated and surface ground, balance correction and stable running.
  • The tolerance of printing cylinder, are or below 0.05mm, treated with thermal refining. Chrome plated and surface ground, balance correction and stable running.
  • All the rollers such as the rubber roller, anilox roller, feeding roller, Creasing roller are treated with thermal refining and balance corrected. The roller head adopted the hot shrunk technique.
  • Feeding rubber roller ≤0.05mm, made up of solid steel pipe coated by dual wear-resisting rubber, with hardness of 38HV. The surfaces are grooved for protection of paperboard.
  • Inking rubber roller≤0.04mm, made of seamless steel pipe coated by wear-resistant rubber, and with precisely ground on the surface to achieve better ink metering.
  • Ceramic anilox roller ≤0.03mm , made of high-quality seamless steel pipe, The surface sprayed with ceramic materials, Precision laser engraving meshes and precisely ground.
  • Metal anilox roller ≤0.03mm , made of high-quality seamless steel pipe, The surface embossed with meshes, precisely ground and polished

Origin and brand

  • The main bearings such as inking roller, anilox roller, slotting shaft, die-cutting cylinder are made from Japan---NSK/NTN/IKO. Others made in
  • Main motor made in China ---Jiangmen Hongling. Reducer motor---Taiwan Wamshsin
  • Air cylinder --- SNS, TAIWAN; electromagnetic valve ---AIRTAC, TAIWAN.
  • Electronic approach switch adopts Taiwan brand---FOTEK
  • Encoder, Optoelectronic switch adopts International brand---Omron.
  • Frequency converter --- SCHNEIDER,FRANCE
  • Low-voltage electronic components such as button, contactor and relay adopted famous brand---SIEMENS
  • Lead edge feeding driver made in Taiwan. (3 years warranty)
  • Inking roller---Taiwan Jingyang
  • Ceramic anilox roller 250-400lpi---Shanghai Yuncheng.
  • Metal anilox roller 180-220 lpi---Zhongshan Fuma
  • Key-free connection ring---Guangzhou WOFU
  • Blower motor---JIUZHOU HUIPU
  • One-way diaphragm pump---Wuhan CHANGJIANG
  • Slotting knife---Qingdao JEEFENG
  • Die-cutting rubber---POLI CART, ITALY
  • Leadedge 2 Colour Printer Slotter 1200MMX2400MM with Stacker
Semi Automatic Folder Gluer Machine