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Fully Automatic Flute Laminator
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Brief Introduction

CY1300, 1450 sexes of laminating machine manufactured in our factory are professionally used for the laminating of solid paper to solid paper, solid paper to corrugated paper, suitable for corrugated paper A,B,C,D,E,F,N, and 3 layers, Slayers, llayers, laminated paper level and high precision. Main parts of the whole machine are all from internal and external noted manufactures, which ensure the machine steady and wear well. Electricity adopt Panasonic frequencies. Fuji contactors and Schneider button switches and Panasonic PLC to enture the motor steady.

Main Specifications

Model  CY-1300S  CY-1300L  CY-1450S  CY-1450L 
Max. Paper Sizo(W x L)  1300 x 1100mm  1300 x 1300mm  1450 x 1100mm  1450x 1300mm 
Min. Paper Si7e(W XL)  350 x 350mm  350 x 350mm  350 x 350mm  350 x 350mm 
Max.Speed  100s/min  100s/min  100s/min  100s/min 
Total Power  16HP  17HP  17HP  17HP 
Machine Length  12.5m  13.5m  12.5m  13.5m 
Total Weight  5600KG  5900KG  5900KG  6200KG 


Fully Automatic Flute Laminator
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