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Fully Automatic Kaituo Slitter Scorer For 3 and 5 Layer Line
Machines - Fully Automatic KAITUO Slitter scorer for 3 and 5 layer line

High-quality raw materials, high-precision mechanical processing,
designed and constructed strictly according to CE standards


Automatic positioning of slitter sets and scorer sets
Automatic order change, order change time <2s, blade-positioning precision ±0.5 mm. Slitter sets and scorer sets are individually servo controlled. For shifting of slitter or scorer sets we use precision linear guide, pinion and rack.
Thus quick act and high precision are realized.
Inverter control system for driving
Driving of slitters and scorers are inverter controlled, timing belt driven, realizes synchronization of slitting and scoring with cardboard conveying.
A. "Zero" score-spacing type
Double-scoring wheel realizes auto switching between concave and flat score - Two sets of scoring wheel on each scorer module, realizes easy switching between concave and flat score mode.
"Zero" score-spacing can process all order types - Combined usage of two rows of scorers realizes "zero" score spacing. Minimum score spacing is 0mm.
B. Pre-score type
Double-row scorer realizes auto switching between concave, flat, pre-score - Two rows of scorers, realizes easy switching between concave, flat, pre-score modes.
Front row smooth-surface cylinder for pre-score - Protects base liner, gives high scoring quality even for low-quality cardboards.
Back row double-scoring wheel – Easy switching between 12mm and 14mm scoring wheel (For 5-ply production line), 14mm and 17mm scoring wheel (For 7-ply production line).
Combination of double-row scorer ensures high scoring quality – Suitable for all cardboard types, dry, low-quality, high-strengthened, 7-ply thick cardboards.
Automatic adjustment system of gaps between scorers
Gaps between upper and lower scorers are automatically adjusted according to web quality, flute type, number of layers.
Long-lasting alloyed steel thin-blades. Automatic selection of slitter sets, automatic sharpening, cooling and lubrication of blades.
Automatic edge-waste suction device
Shifting of edge waste suction inlet is AC servo controlled. Left and right waste suction inlets move automatically, symmetrically and synchronously according to position of border blades. For its transmission are linear guide and timing belt adopted.
Touch-screen monitor
Standard 5.7″ touch-screen monitor and friendly HMI on operator console is used for on-site operating.
Superior working conditions
Individual sealed control cabinet; equipped with industrial air-conditioning system; Dust-free, constant temperature and humidity working conditions ensures longer life-span of electrical components.
Stability and reliability
High-quality raw materials, strict heat treatment, high-precision mechanical processing, ensures stable operation of equipment on the long run. Use of international branded electrical, pneumatic components, ensures high reliability and long service life.
High automation
High-automatic running and control, improve the efficiency, save labors, and reduce labor intensity.
CE approval
Our products are designed and constructed strictly according to CE standards and have obtained CE approval via SGS.


Effective width



Max. speed



Min. slitter-spacing



Min. scorer-spacing

Zero score-spacing type





Score-depth range

1~ 12


Slitting configuration



Scoring configuration



Order change time



Tool setup precision



Body rectification




Fully Automatic Kaituo Slitter Scorer For 3 and 5 Layer Line
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