PL GP Whole Vacuum Transfer High Graphic Printer

    PL-GP Whole Vacuum Transfer High Graphic Printer


Model PL-GP0920 PL-GP1224 PL-GP1628
Max Machine Speed(pcs/min) 300 250 200
Max Feed Size(mm) 900×2010 1200×2410 1600×2810
Min Feed Size(mm) 300×600 350×600 500×760
Skip Feed Size(mm) 1200×2010 1500×2410 2000×2810
Min Slot(mm) Slotting type R (mm) 130×130×130×130 130×130×130×130 130×130×130×130
Slotting type L(mm) 230×65×230×65 230×65×230×65 230×65×230×65
Max Print Size(mm) 900×2000 1200×2400 1600×2800
Max Slot Depth(mm) 250 300 400
Print Studio Thickness(mm) 3.9 3.9 3.9
Print Precise(mm) ±0.3 ±0.3 ±0.3
Slot Precise(mm) ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0
Die Cutter Precise(mm) ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0
Boards Thickness(mm) 2-12 2-12 2-12

PL GP Whole Vacuum Transfer High Graphic Printer

Features In Performance


Pursuit Of Best-Quality,PL-GP series Flexo Printer with Better Design,Material,Process,assembly,Operation etc than Industry Standard.Using Newest Quality-Control system,concentrate on every particulars,to serve customers best machinery both in Mechanical part and software.


Lead Edge Feeder,Servo Motor registering,Whole Vacuum Transfer,Staggered Vacuum Transfer Wheels and Structure;enhanced Whole Machine Frame,Equipped with Taiwan Original Gears Connected on Machine wall,Stable high speed running;Own Patent Integral Anilox Roller & Rubber Roller/Chamber Blade Rise And Fall To Make Sure Printing registering for Long time Using.


Two Rubber Feeder Rollers(Double Plastic Cover),Without Air Cylinder Pressure adjusting;Multi-Sections Vacuum Volume Control,Combined With "品" shape Crowded Ceramic wheels,to achieve Perfect Transfer.Smooth Transfer with high speed and with Servo Motor registering make sure Printing Precise;Downward Die Cutter Unit Adjusting,Make sure Boards Transfer in the same direct line which ensure printing precise again.


Patent Boards Feeding Auto Adjusting system and Mount Lock design,accompany with Industry 4.0 Program Control.To serve customers best machinery both in Mechanical part and software.Lead Edge Feeder-Dust Clean-Print-Predryer-Dryer-Vanish-Dryer-Die Cutter-Vibrator-Stacker,Full line automatic production Line.


Friendly.with Industry 4.0 and frequency conversion Technology,IR Dryer Variable Adjustable technology much better save power.


First One Using PDM Design Files management System,Complete technical and files management system can provide long term data Saving,Service customers with high efficiency and long period.

PL GP Whole Vacuum Transfer High Graphic Printer


  • Lead edge feeder,Size can be adjusted according to different boards Size.
  • Sunction Volume Frequency Control,Adapt to Variable even bent boards.
  • Continue & Skip Feeding Available.
  • Double Rubber Roller Feeding with double Plastic Cover,Eccentric Pressure requlator, Make sure less damage of boards.
  • Three Dust Brush And dust sunction blower,centralized dust colletcion.
  • Optional:Ptint unit whole vacuum transfer and independent dust clean device.
  • Whole machine with Original Imported Taiwan Gears.
PL GP Whole Vacuum Transfer High Graphic Printer


  • Vacuum Transfer,Staggered Vacuum Transfer Wheels and Structure which ensures boards transfer smoothly.
  • Multi-Sections Vacuum Volume Control,automatic adjusting accourding to different boards size.
  • Automatic locking & Position Location Mount Article.
  • Precise Integral Anilox Roller & Rubber Roller/Chamber Blade Synchronize Rise And Fall structure,ensures perfect ink transfer and avoid shake when printing.
  • Registration with servo motor,Lateral Ball screw rod adjusting.
  • Rubber Roller & Anilox Roller Fast Changing Design.
  • Anilox Roller Independent Drive,with One-Direction Bearing,removed from normal chain drive or belt drive.
  • Chamber doctor blades and Rubber roller available,optional.
  • Anilox roller automatic self-wash device,much convenient for circulation washing.
  • Automatic Back to "Zero" after washing printing studio.
  • Double Diaphragm and automatic
  • Print unit can equipped with Hor air/IR dryer system.
PL GP Whole Vacuum Transfer High Graphic Printer


  • Six Axis Design,Pre-creaser-Creaser-slotter.
  • Large diameter pre creaser axis,tight and strong.
  • Double screw lateral moving adjusting,exactly position,moving smoothly.
  • Knives Lateral adjusting with servo motor,fast and precise position.
  • With graphite And Copper block linking connection,durable and convenient changing.
  • Spring Type Flap Cutting Design For 3ply, 5Ply.
  • Aluminum Alloy punching device Optional.
PL GP Whole Vacuum Transfer High Graphic Printer

Drying System

  • Vacuum Transfer with roller conveyors, roller rows of dislocation, Feeding corrugated board stability.
  • The Bellows damper can be adjusted according to the cardboard small ,medium ,large size, automatic adjustment.
  • There are three kinds of drying system can be selected according to the configuration , that are hot air / infrared IR / ultraviolet UV drying system.
  • Drying System used the imported PLC program automatic control, human-machine interactive control and display.
  • Automatic temperature control system , fault alarm protection, automatic fault detection and alarm status display.
  • Drying system with dual host protection control start and closed, completely solve printing products due to direct exposure to UV light to heat a long time down the burning and damage print.
PL GP Whole Vacuum Transfer High Graphic Printer

Rotary Die Cutter Unit

  • Rotary Die Cutting pressure adjustment eccentric structure, gravity die holder downward to reduce jitter.
  • Anvil covered cylinder mechanical sliding device, with the main machine speed adaptive traversing speed.
  • Anvil covered cylinder independent drive motor, can compensate for the length of the carton.
  • Rotatable die independent servo drives is optional.
  • Anvil cover trimming device.
PL GP Whole Vacuum Transfer High Graphic Printer