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Machines - RNN-DB Dual Servo Stitching Machine


  • The speed, 500 nails per minute;
  • It does not require skilled personnel, more flexible;
  • Effective in reducing labor intensity;
  • Double servo drive, operation more convenient, less mechanical transmission part, so the failure rate is lower;


  • Double servo drive ( Patent No. 20092053719.6 ), precision, mechanical transmission part is reduced, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of machinery
  • Automatic damper (patent no. ZL201220068924.1) convenient and time saving, easy operation
  • Paper roller clearance manually
  • The touch screen operation, parameters ( the number of nails, nail, nail spacing, tailgate ) transform is convenient .
  • It can nail screw (/ / / ), two screw ( / / / / / / ), to strengthen the nail (III / /) for customers to nail a request
  • Change the size of one minute
  • Effects of feeding paper automatic counting (0-999), into a beam automatically send, convenient binding
  • It can nail a lid box and no cover box (the first nail into the carton edge distance is the shortest 25mm )
  • The nail line after use, automatic alarm device. Ito avoid the leakage without screw thread nail, nail less defective products )
  • The semi-finished products to the nail into the finished product, strapping laid only two person operation, simple operation and convenient, reduce the salary

Mechanical Parameter

Speed 500Nail/min The total hoursepower 6HP
Screw pitch 0-100mm weight 2000KGS
The number of nails
Feeding height 900mm
Screw type Single Double to Strengthen the nail  Application of  3/5 layer corru. board
Minimum sheet size 300*606mm cardboard (3mm-8mm)
Maximum size 1515*2460mm Screw thread 2.0mmx(.65mm-.75mm




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