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Machines - RNN-DS Semi Automatic Folder Gluer


  • The speed, 500 nails per minute;
  • It does not require skilled personnel, more flexible;
  • Effective in reducing labor intensity; Double servo drive, operation more convenient, less mechanical transmission part, so the failure rate is lower;
  • A dual-purpose machine, single and double sheet can be nailed;
  • Special cartons;


  • The gear reducer gear reducer used in Taiwan.
  • Taiwan days a button switch, a travel switch, terminal blocks.
  • Taiwan Yang Ming photoelectric switches, counters, Taiwan contacts.
  • Adopting Taiwan conveyor belt.
  • The entire group of paste head using imported materials precision machining, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.


  • The automatic counting, the finished piece number ( 1-99 ) according to a set number of points to the conveyor end folded, convenient binding.
  • The wind turbine auxiliary air drying function, accelerate the carton gluing, reduce non-performing goods production.
  • Semi finished products made of bonded to neatly placed only two operation, simple and convenient operation, reduce the salary.
  • Effects of feeding paper automatic counting, stacking bundles automatically send bundle, reduce carton personnel salary number.
  • The middle of beating function, effectively avoid appearing the phenomenon of carton scissor clip.
Range of use
Max (L+W)x2 2400mm
Min (L+W)x2 340mm
Min (L+W)x2 1515mm
Min (L+W)x2 240mm
High of feeder 900mm
Mechanical Specifications
Power 5HP
Length 4500mm
Width 2100mm
Weight 2000kgs
Speed 40m


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