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Machines - Thin blade slitter scorer (electric movement)

Slitting part: adopt high quality tungsten steel blade, sharp and long work-life, slice tidier, non-pressing and non-burr.
Scoring part: adopt 5 points scoring, scoring distance in-phase adjust, blazonry and easy to bend the carton sheet.
Grinding part: adopt automatic and manual two kind’s pneumatic grinding type, it could be grinding when working, improve work efficiency.
Electric control lift-down and correct error, easy to operate, suit for different requirements.
Adopt the brand of variable frequency motor inverter, with a production line at the same rate for the high precision.
Adopt China famous brand or imported electric element, dependable performance.
Adopt synchronous belt drive, low noisy, work steady.
Max running speed for production line: 100-120m/min.

Model 2000 2300 2500
Machine dimension(mm)
3200*1100*2200 3500*1100*2200 3800*1100*2200
Motor power 7.6 7.6 7.6
Max slitting width Inverse 1900 2200 2500
Positive blade 1800 2100 2400
Min slitting width Inverse 305 305 305
Positive blade 140 140 140
Min scoring width Positive scoring 30 30 30
Inverse scoring 80 80 80
Scoring height(mm)
0-10 0-10 0-10
Slitting&scoring composed type Three blade Four scoring/Four blades Six scoring/Five blade Eight scoring



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