Hydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll Stand

   YWZJ-D Mill Roll Stand


  • Suitable for high-speed corrugator lines.
  • Clamping arms are adjustable to suit for min. reel width.
  • Integrated assembly of hydraulic station and control cabinet, favorable for operation and maintenance.
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering, centering with precise scale indication.
  • Both operation and drive side Paper reel transferring, favorable for paper reel conveying system.
  • Clamping oil cylinder is fixed on the spindle, avoiding pipes breakage due to frequent drag.
  • Nice appearance.
  • Multi-point pneumatic brake.(Option)

Technical Data

  • Reel capacity: 3T (each side)
  • Reel diameter: 300mm~1500mm
  • Min. reel width: 600mm

Hydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll Stand